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New Puppy "OWNERS MANUAL" Please Read!

Use this Online Questionnaire to Apply for a particular puppy that is available now.
Use this form to be approved for a puppy and get on our "WAITING LIST" for a puppy from a future litter.   
When puppies are born we will give people who are on our "Waiting List" the "first pick of the litter" based on when their Puppy Application was received.  There is No Charge for being on our Waiting List until after puppies are born.  You will be notified first of new puppy births if you are on our "Waiting List".





(this takes about 15 minutes)


2.  If we approve your PUPPY APPLICATION, we will then email back to you a PUPPY DEPOSIT AND SALES AGREEMENT for you to approve.  This is our contract that details everything about your purchase of a particular puppy.  (You can see a copy of this contract here on our website-see the Menu on the Left.)


3.  Once we receive the PUPPY DEPOSIT AND SALES AGREEMENT back from you by email stating that you "Agree"to its terms, we will then email you a bill for the required SECURITY DEPOSIT which you can then pay by credit or debit card ( PayPal processes the payment, but you do Not have to have a PayPal Account.)  This Deposit Payment will hold your chosen puppy for you until it is time for him or her to be given to you. 

You know about us from our website. 
We would like to have a little information about you and your family since you are a potential buyer/adopter of one of our puppies.   Answering the following questions will help us ensure that each puppy we place goes to a good home.
All you do is enter your answer to each question by typing in the Block to the Right of each question. 
You can type in as much information as you want.  There is no limit to what you can type in the larger boxes. 
After answering each question, do Not hit the "Enter" key since this will send us an incomplete questionnaire.  (Sorry, there is no way to modify this feature. )
If you hit "Enter" by mistake, no problem, just go up to the top of your Web Browser and click on the "Back" button and resume answering questions where you left off. 
So, use your mouse to move from one Answer Box to another.
After answering all the questions, just click on the "Submit" button at the bottom of this page and it will send your Puppy Application to us immediately and a screen will come up confirming to you that it has been sent.
We will probably get back to you about the approval of your Puppy Application the same day that you apply. 
IF YOU DO NOT HEAR BACK FROM US WITHIN 2 DAYS PLEASE EMAIL US AND SAY YOU SUBMITTED A PUPPY APPLICATION.  (Rarely, but it can happen, the software messes up and we don't get an Application. )
That's all there is too it! 
Just fill in the blanks with your answers:

1. Full Name(s): _________________________
2. E-Mail Address: _________________________
3. Street Address: _________________________
4. City, State and Zip Code: _________________________
5. Your Home Phone Number? _________________________
6. Alternate Phone Number? Cellular or Business Phone? _________________________
7. Do you want to be on our WAITING LIST or are you Applying for a CURRENTLY AVAILABLE PUPPY? _________________________
8. Do you want a Boy, Girl or is Either is Ok? _________________________
9. I would like to adopt Puppy#: _________________________
10. From Which Mom's Litter?: _________________________
11. Do you plan to come here to pick up your Puppy? _________________________
12. Do you want us to Deliver your New Puppy to you? (We do not ship Puppies! But we do HAND-DELIVER Puppies Nationwide. This costs less than you might imagine. If you want to know the exact price for us to personally drive and deliver your puppy to you, please indicate below your choice or choices and we will provide an exact quote for our Delivery Fee. _________________________
13. Do you want us to Deliver your new puppy to Your Home Address? (we will calculate a fee for you) _________________________
14. Or, we can meet in another city midway between here and your home. Do you have a city or location where you would like to meet up to take delivery of your new puppy? (we will calculate a Delivery Fee for you) _________________________
15. Your Occupation(s)? _________________________
16. Your Age(s)? _________________________
17. Marital Status? _________________________
18. There are so many breeds of dogs, why do you particularly want a German Shepherd Dog Puppy? _________________________
B. For Companionship? _________________________
C. For Personal Security and Protection? _________________________
D. For Training as Guide Dog? _________________________
E. For training as Therapy dog? _________________________
F. Search and Rescue work? _________________________
G. For Farm and Herding Work? _________________________
H. For Police K9? _________________________
I. Breeding Prospect? _________________________
20. Do you currently own a dog? Age, Sex, Breed? _________________________
21. Have you ever owned a German Shepherd Dog? _________________________
22. Have you ever raised a puppy? _________________________
23. Do you own other pets? What Kind? (Dogs and Cats Can live together, ) _________________________
24. Do you have Children at home? (Puppies can be rough when they play, biting, jumping, scratching etc. Children can be rough on puppies and harm their temperament or even physical damage including causing joint damage or breaking ear cartilage. Don't rub your GSD puppy's ears!) _________________________
25. What are the ages of your children? (Very young puppies and very young children should always be closely supervised and not left alone to play.) _________________________
26. Please describe your Home: (German Shepherds are large and active dogs. They need regular exercise and walks daily. They can sucessfully be raised and kept in apartments, but it will require more effort and attention on the part of you, the Owner.) _________________________
27. Is there a fenced yard? _________________________
28. Is there a secure fenced-in area/kennel? _________________________
29. Do you have a Crate? Or have you looked into purchasing a Crate? (We highly recommend crate training which helps with potty training and gives your puppy a safe secure place to retreat to. If you can not watch your puppy constantly, he should be in his Crate or Fenced Kennel or else it is your fault if he potties on your floor or if he teeths on your shoes and furniture. All our puppies have been started on Crate Training before you receive them. The alternative indoors is a dedicated small room that is "child-proofed" for safety and has a cleanable floor.) _________________________
30. Will someone be able to take the puppy out to the bathroom regularly during the day? (If your puppy is not outside or does not have access to the outdoors then someone needs to take him potty every 3 or 4 hours during his first few weeks in your home.) _________________________
31. Do you understand the cost of Puppy and Dog Care? (Good Quality food, medicines like Heartgard, Frontline, Vaccinations, wormings, Vet checkups) _________________________
32. Do you have a Veterinarian? If so, what is his/her Name, Phone Number, Address? _________________________
33. Do we have your permission to contact your Veterinarian as a reference? _________________________
34. Do you agree to our Return Policy? (For your Puppy's protection, our Sales Agreement requires that you return your Puppy/Dog to us at your expense, if at any point in time you determine that you are no longer able to properly care for the dog. Are you willing to agree to this?: (We don't want to ever have one of our puppies end up homeless and wandering the streets or on deathrow in some dogpound.) _________________________
35. Please add any other comments that you might want to make - for example: to explain why you want a German Shepherd Puppy and why you think you would be a good owner. _________________________
36. How did you hear of us or find our Website? _________________________
37. Is there anything else or other features you would like to see on our web site? _________________________
WE NEED YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS THAT YOU WANT YOUR Puppy Deposit BILL SENT TO. WE ACCEPT PUPPY DEPOSIT PAYMENTS BY CREDIT OR DEBIT CARD USING Secured PAYPAL.COM TO PROCESS THE PAYMENT. You do NOT have to have a PayPal Account set up to pay the Deposit. But, if you do have a PayPalAccount that is fully verified and set up then we can bill you using your existing PayPal ID (email address for PayPal) - so if you already have a PayPal Account you want us to bill - then please tell us what your PayPal Email ID address is. If you do not have a Fully Verified PayPal email ID, then just tell us what email address you want us to send your Puppy Deposit Bill to. When the Deposit Bill email comes to you just follow the directions in that email to make the Deposit Payment with your Credit or Debit Card. Thank you! P.S. Please do Not send us your credit or debit card numbers - just wait for the email from us and PayPal. ____________________________

Just click the "SUBMIT" Button and your application will be sent to us.
Thank you!

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