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Greta and her 6 Puppies Born 24 January 2005

This is also a good place for New Puppy Owners to find Puppy raising tips and Health Issue discussions which we post as they arise.  Just read the past postings.
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July 29, 2009

Things are looking up here at Harmony Shepherds!  We expect to see many more puppies born in the coming months and years.  These past 3 years have been pretty difficult for our family. We have experienced the complications of death of close relatives and disability among other things which have taken our time and energy.  For a while, we just had way more things to do than we could handle competently.  One of the things that we had to set aside was actively breeding puppies.  We have averaged only one breeding a year for the past 3 years.  We just had time enough to take good care of our German Shepherds and not enough time to breed any puppies or to keep up with puppy email and our website.   

But, it looks like things have settled down somewhat now finally and we are hopeful that the puppies born this summer will be the first of many to be born in the coming months and years.  We have really missed having puppies and are looking forward to having them regularly again.  We again extend our apologies for not being able to keep up with our email or update this WebSite much the past months - we expect to do much better in the coming months.

We have recently added some new German Shepherds to our kennel.  In particular, we have acquired another impressive Male youngster, Quax, to join Victor.  We have great expectations for Quax who brings an impressive bloodline to our kennel.  We will hopfully be posting news about Quax and the other new GSDs in the coming weeks and months.  We are also now investigating acquiring some new female GSDs. Bridghid and Greta are now retired and enjoying life's of leisure.  We now have 6 active Females of breeding age:  Cara, Britte, Astrid, Freya, Trude and Becca.  We will be updating this website with news about them in coming weeks.

HAPPY NEW YEAR  -  2007 !
January 20, 2007
Well we just had one heck of a 2006.  The year started off just great, but then early in the Spring Lyle's Dad (age 90+) suddenly developed problems of confusion and we spent most of the year coping with him and building up arrangements so he could stay in his own home. 
We had to scramble most of the year.  We now have in-house aides for him and we wired up his house so we can monitor him by camera and microphone over the Internet.  Things have gradually settled down to a new routine over the past few months.
As a consequence of that situation and other events we decided not to breed any puppies in 2006 because we were afraid we would not have enough time to give them the time and attention they need and we had our hands full taking care of the 13 Shepherds that we do have. 
We did finally get a faster Internet connection..Directway satellite in the Spring of 2006 just in time to not have any time to breed puppies or put anything new up here on our website!   If it isn't one thing it is another.  Directway works pretty good if the weather is ok.  It took us about a month  to get it working right but now it does.  More pictures are coming!
We apologize for not being able to keep up with our email or the website during most of 2006.   We certainly plan to do better in 2007.  We particularly send our regrets to the 100+ familes that were on our Puppy Waiting List in the Spring of 2006 when we had to suspend breeding.  We are just now begining to build a new Puppy Waiting List.  So sign up!
So , 2006 was mostly taken up with working with our big group of 2-year old new girls and continuing to raise them.   Maybe that was for the best.
Hundreds or thousands of pounds or maybe we should say tons of dog food and meds later we have a very beautiful group of quality breeding age German Shepherd girls and we are looking forward to them producing a bunch of puppies for us this year. 
We are currently offering a litter of 8 puppies which were bred in late 2006 by Victor and Greta and offered for adoption starting January 20, 2007. 
Victor and Greta's was our only 2006 breeding. 
But , we have 9 females of breeding age now and hope for many more puppies in 2007.  Victor is going to be very busy.  Sweet Lincoln is in a well deserved retirement for now.
Oh, we also finished a new seperate kennel building  (little further away from the house) with 7 new kennel runs and 10 new  big 4 foot by 4 foot indoor doggy houses so everyone has spacious new indoor houses with heated drinking water and easier to clean linoleum floors with thick rubber floor pads.  Just in time for this Winter.
We are keeping our old kennel area equipped with new inside doggy houses just for a birthing and puppy raising area.  It is still somewhat under construction but useable already.  We did install a cleanable ceramic tile floor in the 14 x 28 puppy area so the new puppys with have a nicer play area.  Permanent Heat and A/C are coming in 2007.
Our testing of containment fencing systems is pretty much done and we can say for certain that our system of using flat wide electric tape fencing works great with the Shepherds.  If there is a light-weight fence behind the electric tape it works better...really only one strand of electric fence tape about a foot of the ground is needed.   We always knew that they can easily rip a chainlink fence to tatters.   But we have found that electric shock fence tape keeps them contained just fine.  The are very intelligent dogs and usually do not challenge an electric fence more than a couple of times.    We plan to enclose a larger doggy play/exercise  area in 2007 of several acres here at the farm.  Fence lines are cleared and most posts are up.  We will resume working on that and other projects when the ground dries out...it is mud-city right now.  At least we are having a mild winter.
2006 in the Summer also brought a destructive straight line storm...more like a miles-wide tornado which caused a lot of damage all over Southern Illinois/St Louis area including here.. so we spent a lot of time ...weeks cleaning up after that.  Power was out for over a week.   We got some firewood out of it and Lyle got a lingering case of Sciatica from picking up some logs that were too heavy and running a bobcat for a solid week clearing brush.   The Sciatica is still making it hard for him to sit for any length of time but it is gradually improving. 
We are looking forward to 2007 and hope you have a great year too.

2006  Happy New Year!


1-22-2006  Well, you would think that we just disappeared and took a vacation for the last half of 2005.   Wishful thinking!  It was a very busy year....we just were not on the Internet very much.  Too busy!  


But, in 2006, we will be posting here daily or weekly  with news and once we get our anticipated high-speed satellite internet connetion we will tackle a major upgrade of this website inluding a ton of pictures we have been saving for months..even years now.  Right now we are still struggling along with our 24K dialup connection......you would not believe how long it takes to upload a single photo!


 We just did not have any puppies to offer for most of 2005.  What we were doing was raising our Next Generation of Mommies. 


Starting in 2004 we decided to expand our kennel and began acquiring new female puppies ourselves and we have spent a lot of time expanding our facility .....building much larger spaces for a lot more German Shepherds.  


We were very selective in choosing our next generation and believe that we have raised some superior German Shepherds.  


Raising 9 German Shepherd Puppies at the same time has been a challenge!   We are so pleased how everyone has turned out and we believe we have some wonderful new girls who should produce some great puppies starting in 2006.


We are especially proud to have Victor as our new Stud (we haven't told Lincoln about this development)  and we are able to announce his first sucessful breeding now.


1-22-06 - Bridghid (Bred by Victor) had 3 puppies today ....2 girls and a boy.  They look wonderful!  They will be available for Delivery to new families in April.


1-22-06 - We began notifying families on our Puppy Waiting List that 5 Heidi x Victor puppies born 11-7-05 were available for delivery and posted some advertising announcements.


We were so sorry that we were not able to supply puppies to all the 50+  families who applied for puppies and were left on our Puppy Waiting List in 2005.  As expected,  they found puppies elsewhere apparently since few have responded to our recent announcements.    2006 should be a different story since we expect many litters to be born this year.


So,  WE ARE ENCOURAGING NEW PUPPY APPLICATIONS now to be on our 2006 Puppy Waiting List.   We hope to have 8 or more litters during 2006 so this year there should be a puppy for everyone who is approved to adopt one of our puppies.


1-30-06 - We have 2 of the original 5 Heidi puppies still available.


Our next breeding will probably be Greta x Victor and it should happen very soon now resulting in birthing probably in April or May 2006.
FEBRUARY 22, 2006 - Well, Heidi's last puppy is gone. We will miss her. We drove her out to Eastern Pennsylvania this past weekend...a 1700+ marathon drive in 3 days. She has a lovely new home and nice new "parents". We will be posting Puppy Pictures of Bridghid and Victor's puppies this coming weekend. The Direcway satellite system was finally installed this past week.....and is still not working right!! So we have some bugs to work out in coming days as time allowsl.

Wednesday - JUNE 1, 2005- Lots of happenings here..but no births to report yet.  This coming week will probably settle the issue of whether Bridghid or Heidi will have puppies this cycle.  Heidi certainly looks pregnant and Bridghid never does even when she has a litter.  So honestly, we don't know.    Greta should be coming into heat any day now. 

Thanks to all the good folks who have submitted Puppy Applications to be on our Waiting List for puppies!   If we have not gotten back to you yet, please be patient, we will shortly. Our email has been swamped and we also have been hit bigtime with literally hundreds and hundreds of pieces of junk mail the last few weeks so it takes time to find the real letters and applications to respond to, but we will catch up in a day or two. 

Life in general has been hectic lately and very very busy with our Shepherds. We have been busy with a total rebuild of our kennel and while the projects are progressing nicely.....the place looks like a disaster area.  LOL  We trenched in 400 feet of drain lines as part of our doggy waste management septic effort so there is a lot of torn up yard and dirt piles.  You would not believe how much "waste" they can generate!   Fortunately we have had little rain so we have not been a muddy swamp most of the time.  We also have completely taken apart most of the inside Dog houses and are rebuilding new larger ones and more of them..quite a mess. It will be great when it is done.   

All this is happening while raising our next generation of Shepherds.----9 growing girls who are eating us out of house and home.    We have some wonderful new GSDs growing like weeds........some of our new girls have recently decided to come in Heat ....and we certainly don't want them bred at one-year of age..so that has been a challenge too.  So things have been "interesting" to say the least. 

We are snapping pictures every once in a while and will post them here when things settle down.    Speaking of pictures...we have gotten some great ones from folks who are raising puppies they got from us and we need to get some of them up here too.   We will probably get to that in July at this rate.  

IF YOU ARE ON OUR PUPPY WAITING LIST --WE will send you an email as soon as we have some birth news!




Saturday, April 23, 2005:  Well you would think we had been on vacation or something!!! .....wishful thinking...since there have been no new postings here for a few weeks.    Actually, we have been very busy!   Greta's puppies (except for one we are caring for for a couple more days until the new owners move to their new house) all are now at their new homes.  We had the fun of delivering some of them personally and enjoyed meeting everyone in our travels!  We are already getting some great reports back and some pictures which we always enjoy. 

We have also been busy with all our Shepherds.   We added even more space onto our fenced-in doggy play and training areas.  Since we are raising 8 new girls ourselves we needed separate outdoor playing areas so everyone would have lots of grassy places to romp.   We didn't want to actually fence in our little lake so some of the play areas are open to the water so everyone has a great time splashing and swimming around.  The design and redesign of our "floating fences" has been really "interesting"  German Shepherds are so intelligent and can figure out ways to overcome almost any fencing or gate system...and of course they love the water and are great swimmers.  But we "think" we have finally outsmarted them  - for the moment.   We don't like to keep any of our Shepherds in the kennels for extended periods of time and they need room to run and play outdoors.   

We  are also in the midst of tearing apart and rebuilding the indoor dog houses and making other kennel improvements.   And of course Spring has come and the grass is growing and all the usual Springtime jobs need doing.    We have no shortage of tasks that all need attention and time here!

Our main computer decided to die on us recently so we have ordered parts and we are building a new one..... it is not like our sons didn't warn us that these newer computers run a lot hotter and that heat could destroy the CPU and components including the motherboard.... we were not good about blowing out the dust bunnies (cat and dog hair!!) out of the computer...well it finally happened...burned it up.  Fortunately we had backed up everything just a couple of weeks ago to a new harddrive so all was not lost.  We just wish now we had backed up with imaging software...but no such luck.    So we pass this along...our beloved pets shed....and their fur somehow ends up in our computers...so we recommend buying canned air and blowing them (the computers) out every couple of weeks.!  Now, if we can just remember to follow that good advice ourself!

We think Bridghid (and hopefully Heidi) are pregnant.  We will know in May.  They are both healthy and doing just great.......two of our star swimmers by the way.   Heidi just takes off straight accross the lake and Bridghid is right behind her.  And our little lake is not all that small.  They get great exercise and then they immediately run around the lake to bring their mud and wet into the garage to show us how smart and talented they are. 

Thanks to everyone who has sent us updates on their puppies and pictures!  We will be adding more pictures very soon.

Tuesday, March 22, 2005: We did it!  Actually Bradley Williams, our 15 year-old computer-whiz son helped.... a lot!  WE NOW HAVE AN ONLINE PUPPY APPLICATION working!   We didn't think we would ever get it up and running...but it actually works!   We also took over 300 digital pictures of Greta's puppies on their 8-Week-old birthday yesterday..and maybe we have a dozen photos that are not blurry pictures of speeding puppies or shots of their butts.  We will post them before the week is over.  3 Girls remain to be adopted ....and the Puppy Applications keep coming in ...to be on our WAITING LIST for Male puppies from the next litter.  LOL  Folks, the girls are as cute as the boys ..maybe cuter...and every woman knows (and man should know) that females are smarter etc.  We think the girls have the edge over the boys when a family has very young children.

SATURDAY MORNING, March 19, 2005:  3  of Greta's Girls are still available for adoption.  They are 7 weeks old this week!  

Yesterday afternoon the weather was beautiful and they spent the day playing in the grass.  We took a bunch of pictures of them...unfortunately it was late in the day when we snapped the photos and the pictures mostly came out too dark...so we will try again today.  They are all little bundles of energy now racing around after Greta.  Of course they are all eating solid food now, but they also are still nursing.

This weekend is worming and vaccination time for the puppies.  We are having great weather here and are working on building fence panels and enlarging the dog and puppy grass play and training areas.   We live in a very rural isolated area, but we keep a large yard area fenced in because we don't want any young dogs to go off exploring.   

WEDNESDAY, March 16, 2005:  4 of Greta's Girls are still available!

Puppies remain "Available" until a "Puppy Application" is approved , the Contract is agreed to and "signed" and we have received the required Deposit payment.  Until All 3 steps are done the puppy remains "Available".    Applications are considered in the order received.

The girls will be 8 weeks old this coming Monday, March 21, 2005.  Almost old enough to go to new homes.  We, of course, prefer that they remain here with their Mom until 9 to 12 weeks of age for proper doggy socialization.  But, we think some may be ready to go to new homes by the weekend of March 26th.

We started placing announcements about them a few days ago and have received many inquiries.  We have already had a number of inquiries and applications.  We do not accept every application we receive..so we have had to turn some down.   And some people we are just talking to and exchanging information.  Of course when we have Boys (last july Greta had 9!) folks are looking for Girls and when we have Girls, folks are looking for Boys.  LOL Never fails!  These Girls are just perfect...not a slow one in the group.  They are all very playful, active and intelligent. 

 If you want to reserve a particular puppy you will need to:

1.   fill out our "Puppy Application" and email it to us

2.  Return and agree to the Sales Contract that we email you after your Puppy Application is approved

3.  AND, the puppy is Not reserved or sold to you until the Deposit is paid.

Well, wouldn't you know, the weather has Finally turned beautiful here..the ground is dry for the first time in months!..and so to coincide with the nice weather of course we are a little "under the weather" with the latest cold virus (hazzards of working in a hospital lab!)  But, we have been gathering materials for major improvements for our Shepherds including rebuilding their inside houses and doubling the size of their fenced play area with another 350 feet of fence.  So if you visit, (and everyone interested in a puppy is welcome to visit.)..excuse the piles of building materials....puppy projects in progress!

TUESDAY, March 8, 2005:  We are (hopefully) finishing up the process of uploading about 35 New Pictures of Greta's puppies that were born on January 24, 2005.  They were 6 weeks old yesterday and we are uploading pictures of them taken last week at 5 weeks of age.  

There are now 5 New pictures of each of the puppies taken at 5 weeks old.  Each puppy has his or her own page of pictures.  Just click on  the Menu item on the Left that is called: "Greta's Puppies Born January 24, 2005"..then there is a link on that page to each puppy's individual page of pictures.

There is quite a change from 3 Weeks Old to 5 Weeks Old!  They now practically leap out of their puppy box when we come out to play with them.....and they are now are extremely active and playful.  You should be able to easily see the difference that 2 weeks makes.  

We will begin posting ads later this week.   However,  Boy Puppy #1 is already sold and also Girl Puppy #4 has already been sold.

THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 17, 2005:   Well time does fly!   Greta's 6 puppies are now 3 Weeks Old!   Since we had access to a highspeed internet connection today - we took time to update this Website. 

We take pictures (digital) constantly of all the adult dogs and puppies...but most do not end up here because it takes so long on our dialup connection to upload them.  

But today we brought the Greta puppies up to date.  You can now see what they look like.  Their eyes fully opened and they began walking during their third week of life and we have taken pictures at least once a week.  GO TO THE Link on the Menu entitled "Greta's Puppies Born January 24, 2005"  You will find links there to separate pages for each puppy and to week by week picture pages.

As the puppies were growing day by day, our Lincoln was slowly getting better.  We have spoiled him rotten the last weeks....he has had so much meat...particularly liver that he is ruined for dry dog food.  But, luck was with us and he healed up naturally and is on the mend.   The things we do for our "children/dogs"!..in this case an extra special diet helped and would you believe the application of Sugar and vasoline to his 'privates' ..and voile' everthing shrank back to normal and healed up.   So all is well.

TUESDAY, JANUARY 25, 5pm.  Greta gave birth to 6 puppies yesterday.  They are all doing fantastic.  The humans here are exhausted.  Greta is still her bubbly self and acts and looks like nothing much happened.  She is a great Mom and the "kids" are very strong and noisy.  

This litter is 5 Girls and 1 Boy.  We took some pictures on their birthday yesterday, one is up at the top of this page.  The Girls are $750 each and the Boy is $600.

Lincoln is doing much better.  He apparently wanted some babying and special attention and is enjoying his favorite foods.  The beef liver must be warm and his eggs have to be either hardboiled or scrambled with cheese.   He is ignoring the special batch of ground chuck and rice we fixed and still prefers the nasty smelling cheap canned dog food over the Alpo.  He is still totally ignoring his regular dry food.   I don't care, as long as he eats.  He is drinking tons of water which is good and we are having to take him outside more than we would a puppy..but that is great because his kidney function is good.  After a week of antibiotic treatment (2 kinds..one a buck a pill!)  we will reevaluate the damage to his "privates" with our Vet...maybe nature will heal the injury without any intervention...hopefully. 

As a Canine Medical aside....a Male dog's penis is supposed to be "out of sight" most of the time...if it stays out and won't retract (for instance because it is swollen by an injury)  this is potentially a medical emergency....so serious that it could even lead to amputation.  Apparently this same condition can happen to uncircumcised human males....scary pictures.. but of course dogs work a little differently.  Ouch!  So if you ever see swelling there and "it"  won't "go back in"...it might be time to see a Vet.   Ouch!


MONDAY, JANUARY 24, 2005 - 6:00am.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY!   GRETA IS GIVING BIRTH today..it began in the wee hours of the morning and continues as the day dawns. There are 5 bouncing baby puppies...so far!  

Greta and the babies are doing just great!  The canine birthing process can go on for many many hours before it is completely finished..this gives mom time to care for each pup as it is born and rest up to prepare for the next delivery.  

It has been a long weekend!!... we delivered the last 3 of the Greta and Bridghid puppies to their new owners in Chicagoland and Virginia...very "interesting" driving through the "Blizzard of 2005".  It is always fun to see the new puppy owner's faces when they first see their new puppy in person!  

We returned to the farm late Saturday night to find that our big "baby" Lincoln is not doing so great.  Two weeks ago Lincoln managed to injure his "privates" somehow.. jumping over a fence or something? bloody looking mess.  It seemed like it was healing quickly and the bleeding stopped the first day...but it must hurt  (or he is depressed) -despite the aspirin we are giving - because he has lost interest in his food and is eating very little and has lost a lot of weight in a very short time.  We have been so busy with puppies the last two weeks, we didn't give him much attention and it looked like he was slowly healing.  It is amazing how dogs can gain and lose weight in a very short time period.  Well actually he ignores his regular food....but snarfs down his favorites if they are handfed to him ...hardboiled eggs, liver, hamburgers...and a particular brand of very cheap canned dogfood......but ignores the expensive canned Alpo.  So he is living in our livingroom watching the animal channel on TV and being babied right how.  So it is off to our Vet with him this morning to further explore "paraphimosis"...which is what his problem is.

WEDNESDAY, January 19, 2005 - 11:30PM   Well only 3 puppies from the Bridghid and Heidi litters remain to be delivered and that will happen this week.   NEW NEW NEW ::  WE HAVE MODIFIED THE HOME PAGE HERE and added pictures taken TODAY of Greta (VERY PREGNANT) and 2 of her baby girls from her last litter that was born on 7-21-05....Can't believe they are already 6 months old!! ...and HUGE.  We thought that folks considering a puppy from Greta's New Litter might want to see what her pups look like 6 months after being born.  g'NITE!

WEDNESDAY, January 12, 2005 - 10:00 PM .  AND THEN THERE  WERE NONE.   Well that is it for the current puppies!  The last puppy has been placed!  10 PUPPIES PLACED IN 9 Days.   

THANK YOU ALL for visiting our Website and a special Thank You to the nice folks who adopted these puppies!         WE ARE NEXT EXPECTING GRETA'S LITTER.

We will be heading North, South, East and West delivering the Pups over the next few days.  These puppies are ending up in new homes in  Colorado,  Virginia, Minnesota,  Missouri, various places around Chicagoland and even here in Southern Illinois too!  We think we found good homes for everyone. 

So it was a good day.   Would you believe over 70 Degrees!! here in Southern Illinois??!!    In between puppy calls and emails we managed to cut enough firewood for the next few weeks....beautiful day for it.  Our Shepherds had a full day of romping outside...ending with warm water baths to rinse the mud off.   Of course , we are going back into the deepfreeze tomorrow night..with a low of 23, but it was nice while it lasted!

All the puppies are doing just great.  Everyone had a final 3 day worming and vaccination this last weekend and are looKing great.


Wednesday, January 12, 2005 9:00am -JUST 2 PUPPIES LEFT!!  Our first ads for the current group of puppies started on New Year's Weekend, really about January 3rd and already 8 of the 10 pups have been matched up with new homes now.  Just two (2) puppies remaining.  Of all the original puppies in this group they are probably the most playful and outgoing puppies of the whole bunch and the ones I personally would have chosen for family pets because of their especially bright personalities.   These two are both high-energy puppies and will keep their new owners busy.

For puppy buyers who are looking for more than just a wonderful family pet and don't mind waiting a few more weeks for a new puppy, we are expecting Greta to deliver a new litter this month.  Her July litter of 10 were just outstanding and we even kept two of her baby girls for our breeding program and could not be happier.  Greta has an exceptional pedigree and there is no limit to what could be done with her puppies.  Take a look on this website at pictures and information about Greta and her July 2004 Litter.  We will be posting new pictures of her July puppies very soon...they are maturing beautifully.

Thursday, January 6, 2005 =  Well, it has been less than a week since we first started advertising our latest puppies (From Heidi and Bridghid) and 5 of the 10 puppies are already spoken for.   

We will try to keep the pages updated daily to show which puppies are still available.

We appreciate all the calls and email inquiries.......of course now we remember why we took a few weeks away from the phone and internet in November and December!!  For a while there we didn't even want to look at the computer.  It takes a lot of time to try to keep up with calls and correspondence.   Whew! 

But, we aren't complaining!   Please keep calling and emailing, we want to find good homes for the all the new puppies before the end of January!!! 

Thanks for all the nice emails about our website and puppies. 

We hope everyone had a great New Years.  The puppies are all doing just great ...growing like weeds and eating and pooping up a storm.  It is always a challenge to keep up with their "waste" this time of year with snow and below zero one day and endless rain and the mud the next.... we bought another pressure cleaner and are finding that with hot water it is helping make the kennel runs clean up tasks somewhat easier. 

Deer hunting season has been on and off for the past month or so...hunters on the edge of our property have apparently been very successful ....Lincoln has brought back the fresh (disgusting) remains of at least 3 deer the past couple of weeks.  It is natural...but still yuck.  It doesn't seem to have cut down on our wild deer herd..they still visit daily to munch on our fruit trees and pastures and there seem to be just as many. 

We are cat-people too (chickens, goats, horses and calves often too)  and someone who knew this apparently dropped off yet another kitten for us on the road out front.   Of course, we had to take her in, it was cold and snowing.  This brings our adopted cat population up to 6 again (4 in the house and 2 in the garage)...another cat to have fixed. She (named Sheba) is cute as can be and driving us and the older cats nuts racing all over the house and always under foot.  At least she litter box trained in just a couple of days....an almost always hits the litter instead of just outside the box now.  

As long as we are taking inventory of the pets....counting the 10 new puppies, we now have 20 Shepherds of various ages and Greta is expecting any minute now.  That will be about our maximum population we think.  And of course there are Phoebe, Bart and Roxy..our adopted mixed-breed pets.  Lot of mouths to feed!  Speaking of which, we have gone back to Diamond brand Professional dog food and are still pleased with the quality.  It is a good quality (made locally in Missouri)  meat-based product that we have fed before.  We had a feed store years ago and always felt it was a quality product.  Everyone seems to be thriving on it and it saves us just a little on our food bill. W explained to everyone that Iams is beyond our budget for now and they understood.  Everyone has also been getting at least one hardboiled egg every day for weeks since our chickens are laying more than we can possibly use.

Excuse our mess if you visit, We are once again rebuilding or reconfiguring the kennels to make room for our 5 new growing girls, so the inside of the kennel is getting torn up and reconfigured so that each can have her own individual "bedroom" and the outside is getting modified to allow for individual outside kennel runs.   We aren't fancy, but we do try to make it comfortable for everyone.

Our home-made and designed drinking water warming bases that keep the dog's cat's and chicken's water from freezing are working very well again this winter..I see similar items for sale for $25 and up...I can make them for about $5.   Maybe we will offer them for sale for maybe $10 on our website one day,  if anyone is interested.


December 30, 2004 - We managed to take pictures of Bridghid's and Heidi's new puppies today and will be uploading them here as quickly as possible.   Advertising starts next week and these puppies can go to new homes as early as Mid January 2005.


We will post all the pictures here as soon as we are able.  We are still on dialup and posting pictures is like watching grass grow.  We have just not had time to do anything new with this website or even keep up with email the past several weeks.  Sorry!!  Life just got in the way and we have just been overwhelmed.  We will be posting pictures of the 10 new puppies from Heidi and Bridghid very soon....the advertising for them will start in January and they will be available starting about January 15, 2004. 

November 6, 2004 BIRTH ANNOUNCEMENT!!!  HEIDI HAS ALSO GIVEN BIRTH TO A LITTER OF 5 PUPPIES!  2 Boys and 3 Girls.  Mom and babies are doing great.  We are awash in puppies and fully occupied..considering we are also raising 5 new girls at the same time.

November 1, 2004 BIRTH ANNOUNCEMENT!!!  BRIDGHID HAS GIVEN BIRTH TO A LITTER OF 5 Puppies.  1 Boy and 4 Girls.  Mom and babies are doing well.




Here is the reason:     Yesterday, 9-30-04 we finished up the latest big bottle of $120 a bottle Panacur (Fenbendazole 10% Solution) as we were worming all of the puppies and adults once again ....and Surprise!! The bottle was empty...But.. it was still heavy!!  Hmmmmm?   This was a fresh bottle that we just bought last month.  It had been properly cared for, refrigerated,  and thoroughly shaken (per instructions) before use...and was now empty ...but it still weighted a lot!!  I mean a Lot!

It turned out that there was nearly an inch of white "putty-looking stuff" in the bottom of the bottle....which was in fact the undissolved active ingredient....No amount of shaking or even trying to stir the stuff would make it dissolve....heck it would not even come unstuck from the bottom! 

So for the last weeks we had been painstakingly measuring and administering to our puppies and dogs what was was essentially milky-colored water with very little medication in it!   In retrospect, the stuff did seem a little thinner than usual....

No wonder there were still signs of roundworms when we did fecal testing!

We had never seen anything like that.....and of course we took the bottle to our Vets who had never seen anything like it either....Ever.  The product was fresh and from the same supplier and manufacturer as for years past....it was just a bad production run apparently.  Our Vet replaced the product and is contacting the supplier and we are starting over worming everyone.

The only thing we can think of to do is in the future empty out the new bottles after shaking them and make sure we never get anything like this again.  So we will do that.  It just never occurred to us or our Vets that this would be necessary.

I doubt if many of you who might be reading this are buying Panacur by the quart or gallon....but it might be worthwhile to mention this experience to your own Vet who could very well be unknowingly dispensing little bottles of colored water  -instead of worming medicine - to his patients from a similar quart or gallon bottle and not know that the "suspension"...Might not "suspended" in the water at all and Might be clumped in the bottom of the bottle and he/she probably won't find this out until the bottle is "empty".  Opps!!  

We are still convinced that Panacur or a generic equivalent like Safe-guard is the best all-round, easiest to administer and  most cost-effective wormer available for puppies and adult dogs.....we just have yet another thing to watch out for now.  

If it's not one thing it's another....!!!!!!

All of our puppies and grownups are doing very well.  We are very pleased with how Victor (He is huge!)  and the rest of our "Next Generation" is coming along.  More pictures will be forthcoming here soon.  We take pictures all the time...just don't have time lately to post them it seems.  We are treating everyone for worms (Again!) and doing a lot of kennel bleaching and more feces patrol out in the yard these days..but of course we can't cover the whole 20 acres!  Normally, our adult dogs get wormed twice a year..except for those who are pregnant (who are wormed in anticipation of their delivery) and of course the adult dog's Heartgard medication also helps keep worms besides Heartworm under control.  The problem, if any,  usually arises with the puppies during their first 12 weeks or so. 

We really prefer to keep the use of these worming medicines to a minimum....afterall..it is poison and despite several years of useage and near universal agreement on safety etc. ...just like man of our human "medicines" undoubtedly has side effects the dogs can't tell us about or that may be discovered years from now.  But while dogs may be able to handle a certain amount of parasites..puppies often need some help keeping them under control..so we do what we can. 

 We think Heidi is halfway through her pregnancy...but, of course,  it is difficult to be sure at this point and ultrasound or other methods of checking seem pointless to us.   She is healthy and obviously feeling good and hopefully will deliver some healthy puppies near the end of October.   We will just have to wait and see.

We have been hearing from new puppy owners and it sounds great!..everyone seems to be adjusting nicely and having a great time.  Some puppies are being "spoiled rotten"..lucky dogs.. even to the extent of getting to sleep with their new owners!! I must admit that this has on occasion happened here at this house..but most pups are doing well in crates apparently after the usual adjustment period. 

The Greta pups are now just 10 weeks old and the two Greta girls we kept our growing before our eyes....as is normal.  Folks who have the Katie pups (born 5-1-04) have seen a lot of change over the last month...Ingrid from that litter is just shy of 40 pounds and looking beautiful....turns out she loves to swim even more than the rest of our shepherds and is always in the pond when she is out......wish we could say this makes her really clean...but she also likes to roll in the mud too....so she gets a lot of baths!  ..plain water....too much shampoo is not a good idea since if affects the protective oil on their skin and can cause problems.  Dogs will smell like dogs....you get used to it! 

Hope everyone is having a wonderful time with their new puppies!




This seems like a good time to talk a little more about the first few days that a new owner has a new puppy since most of Greta's puppies have now gone to their new homes. 

The Stress put on a puppy going to a new home can sometimes create some health issues to deal with and I am going to talk about that some. Watch for any sign of loose stools and be ready to take a sample to your Vet. 

Going to new homes is Always stressful for the pups but they are resilient and it all calms down soon.   But this stress can potentially create temporary health problems that need to be watched for.

I am Very familiar with the throwup and poop on the trip to a new home situation.  That is why I recommend having old towels, paper towels and covering seats with plastic.  You can’t say I don’t warm everyone about that!  Lol  It is a very very rare puppy that doesn’t do one or the other or Both in the first few miles of driving.     I think it must be the unusual motion of the vehicle that sets it off….like car sickness that people have.   Almost always after the first upset most puppies settle down and ride just fine if they can lay next to me or with head on my lap…and after a couple hundred miles most of them will wake up from long naps and want to look out the window as things speed by and it doesn’t seem to bother them at all. 

It may take a while for the puppy’s  appetite to return after a trip to a new home…he is probably going to be upset for a few days as he transitions from leaving familiar surroundings…mom and siblings etc… and bonds with you.  A little bit of milk in the dry dog food may spark the puppy’s appetite.. and maybe a raw egg mixed in or a little bit of soft food…like a little Mighty Dog Rice and Lamb canned food mixed in may get a puppy to eat better. 

As we mentioned previously, this group of puppies did show signs of  roundworms (We think the worms probably came from the new girl puppies we recently bought…..although the worm eggs are just in the environment and simply cannot be totally eliminated)…and we did do an extended 5 day treatment with Panacur to kill and supress the worms.  That does not mean that the worms were totally eliminated - that is impossible to do.    The Pups could easily reacquire worms since we do not keep them penned up on concrete but let them out to exercise and play in the yard.  

We work very hard to keep a clean environment and besides constantly picking up waste and washing we also regularly use a strong bleach solution to clean the kennel runs.  But not even a stong solution of Chlorine bleach can kill every parasite or its eggs or cysts.  

The Stress of weaning and going to a new home often does cause worms or other parasites to flare up …and it is important that this be watched for.   Diarrhea is not unusual anyway in a puppy at this time.  Stress can cause intestinal upset all by itself…but the same stress can cause worms to multiply and other bacteria and parasites to multiply too.  The theory is that stress causes the immune system to be supressed and become less efficient and this allows parasites to multiply faster than usual.   This is particularly true with young puppies since they have immature immune systems anyway.

Diarrhea in puppies should not be ignored since it can potentially be dangerous because it weakens the puppy since he is not getting nourished by his food as well and the fluid loss dehydrates him.  Diarrhea that lasts for more than 2 or 3 of times in a row probably needs attention. If it is yellowish or has any blood in it then it definitely needs attention. There is no reason to panic, just follow these suggestions and everything will be fine. 

In any event, you will definitely want to take a little poop sample in a jar or plastic baggy to your Vet on the initial visit so he or she can check microscopically for worms, eggs or cysts so that appropriate treatment can be started.

One possible cause for diarrhea could be “Coccidiosis” which just means that Coccida (a parasitic one celled protozoa organism) is multiplying in the puppy’s intestines.  See this website: http://www.veterinarypartner.com/Content.plx?P=A&A=680&S=1&SourceID=42

 Coccida is carried by the majority of all dogs and is easily acquired.  A dog’s immune system usually supresses the coccida and they normally cause no ill effects in adult dogs.   But,  puppies have less developed immune systems and can have problems handling coccida and may need help.   The Stress of leaving their familiar surroundings can sometimes surpress a puppy’s immune system enough to allow the coccida to rapidly multiply and so cause coccidiosis  - if they are carrying the organism….which they may be. 

All of the puppies had good solid stools here and showed no signs of diarrhea at all - except during the time that we were treating with Panacur which upsets their digestive tracts.  We do not routinely test stools for coccida cysts or  administer Albon if we don’t see loose stools or diarrhea.

My understanding is that coccida cannot be killed completely by anything presently available - any more than we can kill all the parasitie and symbotic organisms that are in our own intestines…in fact we would get very ill if we could …which is what happens when we take some antiboitics and get an imbalance in our own guts.   The most common treatment for coccida  is an sulfa antibiotic called Albon (sulfadimethoxine).  We are cautious about using sulfa drugs since we often have pregnant females and sulfa can cause birth defects.   But sulfa is safe for puppies.   It comes in a liquid form (5% solution)  and can easily be administered using a small syringe (needle removed) to squirt the proper dosage down the puppy’s throat.  You might have to give it for several days.  You can get this from your Vet.  Kaopectate is also sometimes prescribed to slow the diarrhea down.

Another stress factor is crate-training which can be rough the first few days….and it might not be a bad idea to defer it..or just do it when you have to…like when you go to work….  since the puppy is already stressed and upset just by the new environment.  Our puppies are all introduced to the Crate early on….but this will be his first time all alone in one so it will probably be upsetting.  Basically, dogs are sociable creatures and need warmth and contact with other dogs or people and suddenly the puppy is alone with no one to cuddle up with.  You can try a hotwater bottle wrapped in a towel to simulate some company.   He is definitely going to cry and it will sound pitiful, but you will have to ignore it and try to go to him when he is not crying otherwise he will be “trained” that he can get out by doing that and it will take even longer for him to adjust.  This time passes in a very few days…maybe even just a couple of days.  Remember to carry him outside to the spot you want to train him to go to the bathroom immediately after he eats and praise him excessively when he goes potty in the right place.

Every puppy is unique and you may or may  not experience any of these situations to one extent or another or not at all.  All of these things pass quickly if they are a temporary problem and before you know it - your puppy will be happily settled into his new home. This information is just to help out should any of these circumstances occur.

9-19-04 Well we and the Puppies have had a looonnng week.  The Pups are fine and we are exhausted!  :)  The past week started out with worming the puppies and we extended that a couple of days because we actually saw worm signs!  This is not at all unusual in puppies, but we had not seen signs in a long time because we worm regularly on schedule.   We suspect that a couple of the new baby girl puppies that we recently bought may have brought us a "gift" of roundworms. 
 Everyone is worm free at this point , but there was much diarrhea to keep up with.  The pups may have lost a little weight...but probably not, they are also entering another rapid growth splurt and will about double in frame size over the next 4 weeks.  Worming is a little rough on the little guy's tummies...but they never really slowed down at all...tons of energy.  
They now rush the puppy play pen door clamoring to get out in the yard each time we check on them.  Door opens and off they go scattering in all directions to check things out and pester the big dogs.  Fortunately, Heidi helps Greta round them up when it is time to come back inside.
Boy#7 is also now in New York City!  This was our longest delivery drive so far.  And our first drive right into the New York City area....I had no idea that Every road and bridge was toll!..very expensive to get in or out of there!   We are not talking irritating 75 cent Chicago tolls..more like $7.50 and $5.
We waltzed with the tornadic remnants of Hurricane Ivan and drove in torrential downpours much of the trip.
 As the skyscrapers of New York finally came into view and we arrived at yet another Toll Plaza...Puppy decided to let go one last time with everything and Bradley must have used a whole roll of paper toweling to try to catch it all.  But this is why we opted Not to have carpeting...but rubber mat in the truck...so it all cleans up.
We had decided this was the best time to deliver him...a little early for us, but past 8 weeks of age.  Otherwise this family would have had to have waited until mid-October...and he was ready.   A couple of thousand miles and 3 days on the road with a puppy in the cab of a pickup is quite an adventure! 
Lyle and Bradley (our 14 year old) did the big drive while Kathy held down the fort with the pups at the farm.  We learned that traveling with a young puppy right after a worming series is not a good idea since their stomach upset gets even worse when combined with traveling.  Mucho paper toweling was used, over a dozen towels and lots of cleaner and odor remover. 
Boy #7 was actually a good traveler after the first few miles and never threw up and is now "potty trained" to pickup trucks....mostly "going" on the passenger side floor (sorry Brad!) and at about every rest stop too.  He actually did remarkably well on leash too.  He was spoiled rotten (sorry Anthony!)  with little cans of Mighty Dog lamb and rice which he ate mostly at 75 mph on the Interstates and was soon right at home climbing up and down from floor to seat.   We didn't ever use the small crate we carried and he actually slept most of the travel time with his head on my leg.  It was those periodic awake time that were challenging!! 
He got a lot more sleep than we did the past 3 days!
Recommendation... midway through the trip we realized that it would be a good idea to replace our usual plastic trash bags (which puppy tried to eat)  under the old towels and blankets on the seats with an inexpensive vinyl bed cover....it made the occasional accident much easier to clean up...so now we have a new weapon in our arsenal of puppy travel tools.
SO, GO TO WALMART AND GET A $7 VINYL MATRESS COVER AND PUT THAT OVER YOUR SEATS FOR THE TRIP HOME WITH YOUR NEW PUP...JUST IN CASE! Cover the vinyl with old towel or blanket or puppy will be slipping all over the place.
NEXT WEEKEND MOST OF GRETA's PUPPIES WILL BE GOING TO THEIR NEW HOMES!!  Brad and Lyle have high hopes of getting one of the riding lawn tractors put back together so the place is at least halfway mowed! 
9-13-04 Greta's pups are doing great!  We have now done 3 consecutive days of worming with Panacur and decided to extend it to 5 days - just to make sure.   We have decided to wait until Wednesday to give them their combo vaccinations.  
The pups are now on a daily routine of yard play  twice a day now and we have some new pictures we will post at some point when time allows....it takes so long to round them all up we don't have much time for anything else! Every day they scatter a little bit more and it is driving Greta and us nuts trying to keep up with all of them.  Just the usual.  They are still trying to nurse on everyone...not just Greta, but Heidi and Bridshid too and they like following their Dad around. 
Only a couple weeks now (for most of the puppies) until they go their new homes!
9/13/04 TINY GRASS SEED CAUSES CYST.  We learned first-hand of yet another odd thing that can happen to dogs.....on Friday our Lincoln overnight - suddenly developed a large (baseball sized!!) lump on his right back jaw...we thought perhaps it was a wasp/hornet sting or maybe even caused by an encounter with a catfish.... The lump grew larger over the weekend. Quite alarming really.  He had no real fever and was eating reasonably well considering the giant growth swelling his jaw and back lips.     So ,7am Monday morning we took Lincoln to the Vet....and now he has an ugly lump on his jaw with No Fur! (Shaved)  The good thing is that he is healthy (despite appearances) and will be ok. 
Anyway it turns out to be fairly common for dogs to have little tiny weed or grass seeds embed themselves in a dog's skin causing an infection which can balloon up into a large cyst...we had never seen it before.  It is funny that our "poor ones"..our mixed lab/bull/chow/hound mongrels that run the fields all day never get things like this...and Lincoln who just patrols our property's mowed paths - like he is on perimeter guard duty did.  Anyway, Lincoln is now on a whopping dose of Amoxicillin for the next several days which should solve the problem and hopefully make the ugly lump go away.  If it doesn't, then the thing will have to be excised and drained....All caused by a little tiny seed.  There doesn't appear to be any way to avoid this possibly happening other than never letting your dog encounter seeds and weeds...which is not too realistic.  So if it happens to your dog don't be alarmed, but do go to your Vet..since it is an infection and needs to be dealt with.
9-9-04  Evening -  Well,  we have posted some additional information about Heidi's expected birthing under her webpage on the Home Menu.  
The Greta pups are growing like weeds and coming along just great....we will be worming for 3 days with panacur again starting tomorrow...and this is first vaccinations weekend too.   Today, one boy managed to climb into a 30 gallon wash tub of water....and climb back out again immediately almost gave me a heart attack .... turn your back for a minute and they are into something. Another boy found found a bungie cord and somehow hooked it in his brother's ear and was leading him around..no harm done.  Three guys had to have baths because they got a little too playful around some of their "waste" before it could be picked up.  We have been busy with the herd of puppies here and dealing with plumbing problems at one of our rental properties!  Folks, do Not believe the word "flushable" on various sanitary products and most paper products..they ain't..at least not if you don't want to clog up your sewer lines.  Earlier this year it was those so-called flushable wet wipes...that never dissolve.
9-6-04 -Evening - Happy Labor Day!  We 'labored" today and now there are 3 brand new pictures of Each of the 8 Greta Puppies.  Each Pup has his very own webpage and we hope to post future pictures of each puppy as he grows up.
9-6-04 -  There is now a new selection on this website's Menu..  "GRETA's BOYS".. when you go to that page you will find links to other individual puppy webpages with pictures of each of the puppies.   It will take a while to get a page up for each puppy.    We are also reshuffling the order of the pages.
9-5-04 - The last of Greta's Boys are now spoken for.  Boy #6 was actually chosen first and then his reservation had to be cancelled and then today 3 families applied for him.  He almost went to Boston, Massachusetts,  but the family that appled first got their deposit in just in time.  Thank you! to all the good people who selected Greta's puppies.  We know you will be pleased!  They are all winners!
9-5-04 -  We took 170 new pictures of Greta's puppies today and are picking out pictures to post to this website of each one.  A lot of the pictures are unusable since these guys do Not stand still and pose!  They are 6 and 1/2 weeks old.  We plan to dedicate individual webpages for each of the puppies and keep posting pictures of each of them as they mature.
9-03-04- Another $200 vet bill today just for worming medicine and vaccinations (and he gives us a good price)  - for Greta's babies...and you wonder why we charge what we do for them?  It should be more for us to break even.  Our dogs all eat a quality Lamb and Rice diet supplemented with things like our own organic free-range brown eggs courtesy of our Rhode Island Red flock......those that the dogs haven't caught and eaten anyway and fresh raw bones we get directly from a local processor... great for their teeth and bones.
9-3-04 - Only ONE (1 ) Puppy is left available from Greta and Lincoln's litter that was born 7-21-04.  See our "Home Page" for the latest Puppy Availability news. 
9-2-04 - "Ingrid" from our Katie and Lincoln 5-1-04 litter will be coming back home to Harmony to stay! A sad day for her adoptive family but a happy one for us.   She was our personal favorite from that litter.  She is 4 months old now and will now be part of our next generation of mommies.  Her adoptive family loves her dearly, but sadly was unable to keep her for personal reasons. 
Remember, if you find that you are unable to keep your Harmony German Shepherd Puppy - contact us first to see if we can find him/her a new home.
We currently have 3 GSD ladies of breeding age; but, with Ingrid coming home, we now are raising 5 girls who will be our next generation of mommies beginning in 2006.
9-1-04 - We finally got a counter installed on the "Home Page" so we know someone is looking here. :)  HTML code is still baffling to us... we will keep working on getting counters on other pages.
8-28-04 - NOVEMBER PUPPIES.  Heidi and Lincoln mated and she is probably going to be giving us her last litter on or about November 1, 2004.  Heidi is now 5 years old and will be retiring to the position of resident "Grandma" after this.  We are hoping for some girls because we would love to have her offspring continue here.  Heidi has produced some wonderful puppies for us and we are looking forward to this final litter.  Fingers crossed.
Did you know that the gestation period (time of pregnancy) for dogs is only 60-65 days!!!!  Average time from conception to delivery for German Shepherds is only 63 days!   We still find that amazing.   Of course female dogs only come in "heat" (able to get pregnant) roughly 2 times each year.)   This of course is why Lincoln has needed to have more than one "wife" since otherwise he would only be welcome - at most_ twice each year.    Our girls can have babies starting at Age 2 years and their reproductive years end by around Age 5,  Age 6 -at most.  And, although they can have litters twice each year, we often skip a "heat" if we feel the Mother is not physically recovered sufficiently from her last birthing.
8-15-04 - This website began going up online.  First we had to learn how to create a website....a long and painful learning process for old folks like us.    And, then we have had to slowly upload our work onto the World Wide Web using our unbelievably slow dialup connection at an average connection speed of 28K.    Those pages that instantly load on your spiffy dsl or cable modem connected computer...took us literal hours to upload.  And fiber optic cable is a mere mile away from us...and will come no further.  Buried in the trees here we cannot get a wireless signal.  We await activation of "Wildfire" -god bless Canada for launching a satellite internet service....since Rupert Murdock's Directway sucks and was way too expensive.  Anyone want a nice DirecPc Satellite system....cheap?  Did you kown that in Europe in some cities they get their internet connection through the electric lines...seriously just plug into an electric outlet and you are surfing at highspeed.  It is being tested more in the USA in a couple of cities right now.   We await that too.  We are actually still waiting for a decent regular phoneline connection from SBC and NO! our Verizon cell phone does Not work out here..."We still can't hear you!"

Harmony German Shepherds
 Harmony, Illinois   (Near Mount Vernon, Illinois)